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RFP: Status of Women Canada's Policy Research Fund Fall 2004

We are seeking proposals for research projects on the following themes:

1. Violence and Control, and

2. Social Security Review: Ten Years Later

In keeping with the guiding principles of the PRF, a wide range of researchers are eligible to submit proposals (see section 4.1 of the online RFP for more information).

Researchers whose proposals are selected for funding will be offered a research contract (not a grant), which will be signed by the individual researcher(s) or their non-governmental organization. University-based researchers are urged to read the section on researcher eligibility with respect to the signing of the contract.

Research projects that can be completed within one calendar year are encouraged. However, longer-term, multi-year projects will also be considered, as appropriate.
This call for proposals will be posted on our web site at For more information on the Policy Research Fund, visit our Web Site:

Should you require any additional information regarding the call for proposals, please e-mail [email protected] or call (613) 995-3995 for financial and administrative information or (613) 947-0078 for information on the research questions or content of the call for proposals.