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DAWN Ontario DisAbled Women's Network


The DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Ontario is a province-wide organization for women with all types of disAbilities. We are a feminist organization which supports women in our struggles to control our own lives.

DAWN Ontario is controlled by women with disAbilities.

Our members include women with disabilities and non-disabled women. We include lesbians, bisexual women, aboriginal women, Franco-Ontarian women, and women from many ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Women of all ages, from teens to seniors, are active members of DAWN.

At DAWN Ontario we:

* keep current on issues facing women with disabilities;

* provide role models for girls with disabilities;

* develop resources for girls with disabilities;

* help start and support DAWN groups across Ontario;

* speak for the rights of women with disabilities to make sure we can take part in women's groups, activities, events and services;

* work with other women's and disability groups;

* produce resources about health care for women with disabilities;

* lobby the government on issues affecting women with disabilities. Issues such as employment, advocacy, training, education, transportation, housing, health care, and others.

DAWN has been involved in a research project with the University of Toronto and Women's College Hospital. The research consists of focus groups being set up around the province to get input about health care needs and the difficulties women with disabilities face in trying to get reasonable service.

As well, DAWN is pleased to host the Ontario Women's Health Network project on Regional Networking. This recently funded initiative will see a provincial coordinator and regional organizers developing networking opportunities in the six regions of the province. Each region will work towards the identification of local priorities in women's health and the sharing of resources and experiences. A focus on gender and culture as determinants of health will be a central focus of the networking. Plans for a province-wide women's health conference will be developed in this phase of the project.

(contact information changed in 1998 - current information as of September 1998 )