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Tobacco Issues, Organizations, Resources



A. What Ontario Legislators have to say about Tobacco & Control

B. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

Tobacco Research News; Publications

C. Council for Tobacco Free Ontario

D. Program Training & Consultation Centre

E. Other Ontario Organizations working on Tobacco [SMAF, COMMIT; CCO, OCAT.]

F. List-Servs on Tobacco


ii) International Tobacco Control

Healthy Cities Setting and Environment


A. Introduction "Hot Town, Summer in the City"

B. Conditions for Health: the Toronto Healthy City Model
i) A Healthy City - Toronto's 3 Es
ii) Integration of Bureaucracies/Stakeholders
iii) Key Strategies

C. Smog & Air Quality Issues
i) Smog Pushes Death Rates Up in Canadian Cities [Report]
ii) Ontario Doctors Call for Cleaner Air - Ground Level Ozone Position Paper
iii) Smog Season Starts Early in Toronto [Globe & Mail article]

D. Summer Heat & the Homeless


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