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An Overview of Chronic Disease Prevention


I Introduction
II Why Take a Chronic Disease Prevention Approach
III What does a CDP Approach Look Like?
IV Current Practice
V Examples of Integration Efforts
VI References

--by Nancy Dubois, THCU consultant and member of the Steering Committee of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

Letters to the Editor, February 2003


In our February column, we are pleased to publish two more letters that build on OHPE 292.1, "An Evolving Role for Health Promoters in the Kyoto Protocol Era," contributed by Ravi Singh of the Energy Action Council of Toronto (EnerACT) (view this article at ViewFeatures.cfm?ISSUE_ID=292&startrow=1).

Jan. 10/03 Bulletin contains a relatively minor point of debate. I first heard this concern expressed by an Ontario Trucking Association spokesperson during a CBC Radio (Toronto) early morning discussion.

Midlife Passages


 The Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive and Reproductive Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia: "This Web Site is dedicated to issues affecting the health of mid life men and women including preventative health care, nutrition, menopause, and the relationships between common medical problems and menopause. We discuss gynecological problems including the use of hormones and surgery. Alternatives to hysterectomy are presented. Male menopause is discussed. We present topics related to endocrinology such as PMS, problems with hair growth and acne.

Men's Health Resources (sponsored by the U.S. Government)


 This section of the Healthfinder site features selected links to health resources on topics of special interest to men: baldness, fatherhood, prostate problems, and many more. The News links features sites of interest to men (including sports medicine, STD prevention, tobacco information). Smart choices offers information on reproductive health, nutrition, and other health-related issues. Under tools for you, you'll find a medical dictionary, a men's health network, and a glossary of terms for prostate cancer patients.

Ontario Lung Association


573 King Street East, Suite 20,Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4L3,

(416) 864-9911 Fax (416) 864-9916, 1-800-972-2636
 See their Smoking and Chronic Lung Disease section. Also note that they are revising their school based prevention program called "Lungs are for Life" described in

The Canadian Cancer Society


 CCS is a national, community-based organization of volunteers, whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society annually publishes a summary of cancer statistics for Canada and Ontario.
for Ontario statistics - see,2283,3543_14279__langId-en,...


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