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Substance Use/Abuse

Using Evaluation to Support Changes in Youth Party Environments


I Introduction

II The Issue: Youth Partying and PITRS

III The PITRS Evaluation Design

IV March 2000 Conference Evaluation Results

V March 2001 Evaluation Results

VI Lessons Learned: Evaluation = Innovation

VII Conclusions

VIII References

Written by Joanne Kaashoek, Toronto Public Health, "Party in the Right Spirit" Program Committee.

Taking Action on Alcohol-related Problems in the Workplace: Lessons Learned


I Introduction

II The role of workplace policies

III A comprehensive approach

IV Lessons from the field

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming publication of the Alcohol Policy Network entitled Let's Take Action on Alcohol Problems in the Workplace, a practical guide to policy development for employers, employees and others concerned about health, safety and liability. The full report, written by Brian Hyndman and others, includes

* a discussion of the role of policy in preventing alcohol problems affecting the workplace;

* a 7-step process for developing workplace alcohol policies;

* practical tips and suggestions for effective policy development based on discussions with colleagues in the field;

* a policy tool kit and three checklists to help readers evaluate the process, content and implementation of their policy; and

* a list of key contacts and resources, including a sample workplace substance abuse prevention policy.

The report will be posted on in January 2002. For the readers of the OHPE Bulletin, we present here the section on "Lessons from the field" as well as a selection of resources to help with policy implementation.

Special thanks to Ana Almeida for her assistance in editing this special issue of the OHPE bulletin. For more information, please contact Paula Neves, Project Manager, Alcohol Policy Network, Ontario Public Health Association, 416-367-3313 x27 or

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