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Active Living/Physical Activity

HIGH FIVE: Quality at Play


I Introduction: The Issue


III Tools -- Measuring the Quality of Sport and Recreation Programs

IV Training and Resources

V Accreditation

VI Collaboration

VII Who Can Get Involved?

VIII Success Story -- Local Sponsors Bring HIGH FIVE to Fonthill

IX National Roll-Out

By Jennifer Larson, Marketing and Partnership Development Coordinator, HIGH FIVE,

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Obsesity-related Journals


International Journal of Obesity (IASO)

Published Monthly

Multi-disciplinary forum for research describing: basic clinical and applied studies in biochemistry, physiology, genetics and nutrition, molecular, metabolic, psychological and epidemiological aspects of obesity and related disorders. Contact: Matthew Smith, Publisher,

Obesity Research Online (NAASO)



A. Introduction / Overview

B. How is obesity defined?

C. What causes obesity?

D. Why is obesity such a health risk? The link to chronic disease -

E. What can be done to prevent obesity?

F. What can be done to treat obesity?

G. A Call to Action for Communities

H. Sample Initiatives

I. Print References

by Nancy Dubois, ( with the assistance of Erica Di Ruggiero.


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