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People in Remote, Rural Northern Communities

Developing an Accessible Organization


A) Introduction

B) Developing an Accessible Organization

C) Questions to Consider

D) Sources of Data and Information

E) Conclusion and Contact Information

F) See OHPE #94.2 for Resources

Smoke-Free Works For All of Us - Smoke-Free Workplaces


- the National Non-Smoking Week campaign for January 18 - 24 1999.

A. Introduction from CTFO

B. Smoke-Free Workplaces - Fact Sheet

i) The Cost of Smoking in the Workplace

ii) Indoor Air Pollution

iii) Legislative Controls in the Workplace

Smoking in the Workplace Act (from SHAF)

iv) Your Worksite Being Smoke-Free on Weedless Wednesday

v) Tips for Buddies for Weedless Wednesday

C. NNSWeek Activities Across the Province

D. References


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