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Adults 20-55

Together for Healthy Kids Conference: A Model of Collaboration


June 24 - 28 1998

Joint Conference - Can. Pediatric Society & OPC-COIP

Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton ON

Community Building Resources -Aim High


c/o Jasper Place High School

#681 8950 - 163 Street Edmonton , Alberta - Canada

(780) 484-9045 Fax: (780) 484-9099

Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community


Type of Resource: Book
Source: Asset-Based Community Development Institute 1993 376 pages $15 U.S.
Author: Kretzmann, John and McKnight, John

Healthy Cities Setting and Environment


A. Introduction "Hot Town, Summer in the City"

B. Conditions for Health: the Toronto Healthy City Model
i) A Healthy City - Toronto's 3 Es
ii) Integration of Bureaucracies/Stakeholders
iii) Key Strategies

C. Smog & Air Quality Issues
i) Smog Pushes Death Rates Up in Canadian Cities [Report]
ii) Ontario Doctors Call for Cleaner Air - Ground Level Ozone Position Paper
iii) Smog Season Starts Early in Toronto [Globe & Mail article]

D. Summer Heat & the Homeless

Health Promotion in Northern Ontario


A. Introduction - News Briefs from the Keeping HP on Public Agenda forums

B. Thunder Bay & District

1. Women's Health Fair

2. Breast Health Activities

3. Working Towards A Smoke-Free Thunder Bay

4. Feeding Children - Thunder Bay Coalition Against Poverty

5. Community Kitchens

6. Health & Safety survey by Statistics Canada

C. Northwestern Ontario

1. Men's Health in Northwestern Ontario

2. Rainy River Safety Coalition

D. Timmins

Withdrawal Management Services

Diabetes Information Service


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