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Adults 20-55

Designing health promotion approaches to high-risk adolescents through formative research with youth and parents.


Type of Resource: Article
Source: Public Health Reports. 1993: 108(Suppl. 1):68-77. (10 ref)
Author: US Administration for Children, Youth and Families. Federal Advisory Panel on Health Promotion Strategies for High-Risk Youth.

Shout Clinic


 The Shout Clinic is a non-profit health clinic in Toronto that provides services for street youth up to the age of 25. Its website includes information about:
Street youth in Canada
Innovative approaches to street youth health
Dental care for the homeless
Research at Shout
Ways you can help, including donations and volunteering
What's happening at Shout
Community health centres
SHOUTreach - a magazine produced by and for street involved youth


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