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Policy Development

Public Health and An Effective Ontarians With Disabilities Act


A. The need to promote disability within public health
B. Why we need an Ontarians With Disabilities Act
C. Developing an Ontarians With Disabilities Act
D. What can public health do to support the development of an effective ODA?
E. More information about developing an effective ODA
F. References

By Ivan Brown

In The News This Week! Poverty & Health - in Global arena (WTO), National (child poverty), Provincial (budget cuts) and Local (Toronto)


A. Introduction - Key Issues discussed in CLICK4HP list-serv

B. On The Global Trade Table - Canada's Health System at the WTO

C. National - Child Poverty Call To Action Nov 24/99

D. Provincial - The Poverty Situation Worse in Ontario

Public Health watches costs for a family food basket

E. Toronto and Poverty - Paradigms, Politics, and Principles


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