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Organizational Development

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Jack, L., Liburd, L., Spencer, T. & Airhenbuwa, C.O. (2004). Understanding the environmental issues in diabetes self-management education research: A reexamination of 8 studies in community-based settings. Annals of Internal Medicine, 140 (11), 964-972.

Garrard, J., Lewis, B., Keleher, H., Tunny, N., Burke L., Harper, S. & Round, R. (2004). Planning for healthy communities: reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes through healthier environments and lifestyles. Melbourne: Victorian Government Department of Human Services.

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CHC Model of Care
Information and resources for community-based primary health care training including a manual and definition at

Conceptual Framework for CDPM
Alternative frameworks for thinking about CDPM from the Centretown Community Health Centre at


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