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ParticipACTION...The Mouse That Roared: A Marketing and Health Communications Success Story


I Introduction

II A Model of Social Marketing or Health Communications or Both?

III Keys to Success

IV Community Mobilization, Education, and Leadership

V The Challenge of Bilingualism

VI Advice from the Experts

VII The Legacy of ParticipACTION--Was It a Success?

VIII Conclusion

IX References

-- by Christa Costas-Bradstreet and Peggy Edwards

Christa Costas-Bradstreet is a physical activity specialist with the City of Hamilton Public Health and Community Services Department and a private consultant in the area of physical activity promotion. From 1991 to 2001 Christa worked for ParticipACTION in a variety of roles including national coordinator of the CrownLife ParticipACTION Challenge and director of health communications.

Peggy Edwards is a health promotion consultant with The Alder Group Inc. ( She has worked as a communications executive with Health Canada and as manager of the Fitness Secretariat at the Canadian Public Health Association. Peggy wrote many of ParticipACTION's best known health information materials, including resource kits, booklets, magazine supplements, newspaper articles, and website copy.

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