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Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids: American Teenagers, Schools and the Culture of Consumption


Methodology: This book describes why teens behave the way they do, not how. There were two sources of primary American data: the first included 304 descriptions of high schools and their status structures written by 300 college students, average paper was about 7,150 words. The second source consisted of observations in a single high school (fall of 1997 until May 1999). The observations were conducted during the school lunch period, at public events and the junior/senior proms.

Engaging and Marketing to Youth in Canada


I Forever Young

II Communication Comfort Zone: Use Every Channel

III Getting Up Close and Personal

IV Friends: The New Family

V Penny for Their Thoughts

VI Bigger Bang With Big Brands

VII Light But Not Lightweight

VIII A State of Flux

IX References

-- adapted by Urmila Chandran, for The Health Communication Unit, from "Chicken Just the Way You Like It -- Food for Thought When Targeting Youth," a presentation by Mike Farrell of Youthography and Tim Kleenyside of Fingerprint Communications at the January 2005 FOCUS conference

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