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Develop Personal Skills

Photovoice: A Snapshot Of Health



I What Is Photovoice?

II What Is The Process?

III What Are Some Lessons We've Learned

This article was written by Steve Shaffelburg ( and Hali Oliver ( of Toi Te Ora Public Health - A Service of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board (1143 Haupapa Street, P.O. Box 1858, Rotorua, New Zealand, Tel: 07 349 3520)

Youth Action as a Tool for Youth Health Promotion


A. Introduction

B. Youth Action and the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

i. Develop Personal Skills

ii. Create Supportive Environments

iii. Strengthen Community Action

iv. Build Healthy Public Policy

C. Summary

D. References

Charlotte Lombardo is a health promotion student at the University of Toronto. She is the co-leader of TeenNet's Youth Action initiative, in which youth are given disposable cameras to document the strengths and weaknesses of their community, and identify strategies for action, using the Photovoice methodology. Since 1995 TeenNet has been researching how to use innovative tools to engage youth in health promotion.

Photovoice will be the topic of an upcoming OHPE bulletin

Helping Women Change Risk Behaviour. What Works?



A. The Project

B. The Findings

i. Critical Success Factor: Social Support for Behaviour Change

ii. Risk-Specific Strategies

iii. Recommendations for Healthy Public Policy

- submitted by Alexandra Cameron, Senior Policy Analyst, Women's Health Council Secretariat. In its report, the Ontario Women's Health Council makes a number of recommendations designed to improve the efficacy of health promotion/behaviour change programs for women -- based on the findings of the review. A full copy of the report is available at, or by calling (416) 327-8348.

Public Service Announcements: How Can We Make Them Effective?



A. Key Points for Effective PSAs

B. Selecting Clear and Realistic Objectives

C. Choosing a Specific Focus Audience

D. Creating a Potent Message: Qualitative Features

E. Selecting Appropriate Channels and Vehicles

F. Frequency

G. Conclusions

- submitted by Jodi Thesenvitz, THCU,

Application of the Ottawa Charter to Shape Health Promotion Practice


"Poetic in it's Simplicity"...

A. Introduction

B. A "Charter-based" approach to program planning: The Ottawa-Carleton Health Unit Experience.

C. Good work if you can get it.... the 'health promoting' job description.

D. Conclusion

E. References

By Brian Hyndman, consultant at The Health Communication Unit e-mail with assistance from Alison Stirling of OPC.


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