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Create Supportive Environments

A Leadership Framework for Management in Public Health


I Introduction

II Practice 1: Model the Way

III Practice 2: Inspire a Shared Vision

IV Practice 3: Challenge the Process

V Practice 4: Enable Others to Act

VI Practice 5: Encourage the Heart

VII Conclusion

VIII References

--by Kim Bergeron, who is currently working on a Master's in Health Studies at Athabasca University and works as a coordinator within the Ontario Heart Health Project. She has participated on several working groups to further the work of public health's involvement in and leadership with community partnerships and can be contacted at

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Building Support Networks for Isolated Seniors


I Introduction

II The Target Group

III Individual Interventions

IV Community Interventions

V Lessons Learned

VI Conclusion

VII References

- written by Myriam Jamault ( and Ann Nowak (, City of Ottawa's Community Action for Isolated Seniors Program

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