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This week's feature is by Anne Lessio, Manager, Heart Health Resource Centre, and describes their recent best practices in chronic disease prevention-"the projects, the process that was used to identify practices, the assessment criteria, the review process, and the intentions for dissemination."

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Call for Papers--Canadian Child Care Federation National Conference


The Canadian Child Care Federation is inviting submissions for its national conference, Plan-it Quality, to be held June 2 to 4, 2005, in Regina. The meeting will provide participants with an opportunity to engage in international dialogues addressing issues of quality in all aspects of a child's environment. Proposals should focus on practice, policy and/or research into quality physical and learning environments for children. Deadline for receipt of proposals is November 1, 2004. For more information, please contact Shauna Coons, Programming Committee Chair, (306) 798-2910 or e-mail her at

[Source: Web: National Children's Alliance electronic digest, http:?/]

OHPRS Survey Deadline Extended


Health promoters who have used the services or supports of at least one of the organizations that make up the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS) were contacted in early October regarding a survey designed to assist the participating organizations in more effectively supporting health promotion activities both individually and collectively.

The deadline for this survey has been extended and people who have not yet completed the survey are invited to do so before November 1, 2004.

If you have any questions about the survey or require any assistance in its completion, please contact Ms. Cindy Andrew at (905) 655-5350 or

Call for Proposals--Financial Assistance to National Voluntary Health Organizations


The application package for the 2005-2006 Financial Assistance to selected National Voluntary Health Organizations (NVHOs)is now available. This initiative is designed to assist in building the capacity necessary for national voluntary organizations working in health to respond to ongoing challenges and new opportunities and to collaborate effectively with Public Health Agency in enhancing the health of Canadians. The purpose of this assistance is to enhance the national leadership and effectiveness of organizations by promoting activities to strengthen capacity in the areas of management, governance, human and financial resource development, and relationship building and enhance networking and collaboration by promoting activities to share information and expertise across a wide network of national, regional and community organizations.

Financial Assistance to NVHOs awards grants in two streams: Organizational Development Grants and Sector Development Grants. The sector development stream helps facilitate collaborative networking activities such as sharing of information, experiences and best practices, research, and pooling of resources in order to foster longer term sustainability.

Please contact the office of the voluntary sector, Public Health Agency for a "Guide for Applicants" and application packages. The office can be reached by calling (613) 952-0902 or by e-mail at Office of the Voluntary

Call for Proposals--Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Chapter


The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) - Ontario Chapter is pleased to announce that applications are now available for the following:

* Community Health Promotion Grant Program (CHPGP)--Application Deadline of December 3, 2004. The CHPGP seeks to enable communities to undertake projects that will contribute to their understanding of breast health needs and to respond effectively to meet those needs. The following three grant types are offered under the CHPGP: i) Assessment and Planning Grants, ii) Community Project Grants, and iii) Community-Based Research Grants.

* Research Project Grant Program--Application Deadline of November 19, 2004. This grant program seeks to support scientifically meritorious and innovative research projects across a broad spectrum of research disciplines and methodologies.

* Fellowship Grant Program--Application Deadline December 17, 2004. This grant program seeks to support health care providers and researchers to pursue graduate study so that they may be better able to contribute to the field of breast cancer research, health care, and education.

Applications and guidelines for each grant program are available for downloading from the CBCF - Ontario Chapter website at

New Resource--Active Independent Aging: A community guide for falls prevention and active living


Active Independent Aging: A community guide for falls prevention and active living is designed to promote the health and independence of older adults and veterans through falls prevention, active living and activity-friendly environments. Active Independent Aging provides materials to help for all who work with older adult understand issues related to falls and physical activity among older adults. It suggests ways to get older adults and veterans involved in falls prevention and safe, active living. And it looks at ways organizations can help make their immediate surroundings and community safer from falls and more inviting for active living, in other words, activity-friendly.

Active Independent Aging was developed by the University of Ottawa Community Health Research Unit and Ottawa Public Health. Funding for this initiative was made possible by Health Canada and Veterans Affairs Canada. Program is available online at, disponible aussi en fran

Best Practices In Chronic Disease Prevention


I Introduction

II The Projects and Principle Investigators

III Process

IV Results

V Dissemination of Best Practices

VI Reflections and Insights

V References

--by Anne Lessio, Manager, Heart Health Resource Centre,

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