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The following resources were compiled by 'outgoing' OHPE Bulletin editor Kara Richardson, as a guide to the key sources of information that she has used to stay up-to-date on health promotion activities in Ontario and around the world.

This week's feature is a year-end review with contributions from Alison

Stirling, Peggy Schultz and Noelle Gadon. For our resources message, Kara Richardson gives us a farewell, behind-the-scenes look at her sources for OHPE.

We're taking a little break -- there will be no OHPE on December 29 -- but look for our return on January 5 (at the real beginning of the next


Have a safe and happy holiday.

Noelle Gadon, OHPE Editor


Input Requested: U of T Public Health Sciences Continuing Ed Event


The Department of Public Health Sciences is planning a Continuing Education Event on the afternoon of March 1 for alumni of the Graduate Program in Community Health and others. It will begin with an informal lunch, followed by a plenary session with presentations by Harvey Skinner (on developments in the Department of Public Health Sciences) and Jeff Reading, the newly appointed Chair of Aboriginal Health (on research on Aboriginal Health). This session will be followed by two hour sessions in specific areas including Health Promotion, Epidemiology, and Bio-statistics.

In order to plan the session on Health Promotion, the planning committee would appreciate feedback on the following areas: topics (evaluation, research, practice, approaches etc); format (lecture, presentation /discussion, workshop); related or follow-up events; and any other considerations.

Please e-mail your comments to Irv Rootman ( ).


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