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Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, A Guide to Creating Great Ads


3rd edition, Luke Sullivan

This book provides some insight to how copywriters think. The author is a long time copywriter and his views highlight how challenges may arise between those of us working in health promotion within public sector and the creative designers from the private sector. Publisher's page is at

Print Resources for Feature 556


Violence in the Workplace: A Prevention Guide. Third Edition (2007), The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, (Order: 1-800-668-4284/905-570-8094)

Human Resources Guide to Preventing Workplace Violence (1999), Norman Keith, Canada Law Books (240 Edward Street, Aurora, Ontario)

Violence in the Workplace (1999), Eric Roher, A CLV Special Report, Carswell (Order: 1-800-387-5164/416-609-3800)

The Bully at Work (2000), Gary Namie, Scourcebooks Inc., Naperville, Illinois USA (Order: 707-745-6630)


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