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Health Promotion At The International Level : What Can We Learn From It?


International Union for Health Promotion and Health Education (IUHPE)

You are invited to discover in this colloquium national, regional and local health promoting activities from a variety of countries. The IUHPE is the main global non-governmental organisation in the field, with over 2000 members in more than 90 countries. This colloquium is aimed primarily at people planning or providing public health services at the federal, provincial, regional or local levels in Canada.

COST $40 (includes lunch and materials)

World No-Tobacco Day


World No-Tobacco Day, (May 31st, 1999) is a project of the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO uses World No-Tobacco Day to call on member nations to encourage tobacco users to abstain for at least one day or to quit smoking entirely. See the WHO website at:


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