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How to find high quality Canadian health promotion resources through the Canadian Health Network Web site


A. Introduction

B. About The Canadian Health Network

C. The CHN Web Site

D. Searching The CHN Web Site Using The A-Z Subject Headings

E. The Health Promotion and Determinants of Health - Health Centres

F. And Finally.

By Penney Kirby, Content Development Specialist at the Canadian Health Network

Midlife Passages


 The Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive and Reproductive Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia: "This Web Site is dedicated to issues affecting the health of mid life men and women including preventative health care, nutrition, menopause, and the relationships between common medical problems and menopause. We discuss gynecological problems including the use of hormones and surgery. Alternatives to hysterectomy are presented. Male menopause is discussed. We present topics related to endocrinology such as PMS, problems with hair growth and acne.


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