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Make Your Workplace a Healthy Workplace!


I Introduction

II Healthy Workplace Week

III The Five-Day Revive-and-Thrive Challenge

IV NQI's Roadmap to a Healthy Workplace

Submitted by Cortney Anderson, Marketing Coordinator, National Quality Institute (NQI). The NQI is an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing Canada's national well being and global leadership through the adoption of management principles and practices that reinforce and sustain excellence in all sectors of our economy.

The Interactive Domain Model of Best Practices in Health Promotion: Developing and Implementing a Best Practices Approach to Health Promotion.


Type of Resource: Article
Source: Health Promotion Practice, January 2001, Vol 2, 43-67, Sage Publications Inc.
Author: Kahan, B and Goodstadt, M.

Public Service Announcements: How Can We Make Them Effective?



A. Key Points for Effective PSAs

B. Selecting Clear and Realistic Objectives

C. Choosing a Specific Focus Audience

D. Creating a Potent Message: Qualitative Features

E. Selecting Appropriate Channels and Vehicles

F. Frequency

G. Conclusions

- submitted by Jodi Thesenvitz, THCU,

Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: Maybe It's Time for an Organizational Health Check-up


Taking the Pulse of Your Organization


A. There's Some Nasty Bugs Going Around

B. Diagnosis and Treatment

C. Listening and Learning Your Way Toward Health

D. Questions to Seed the Dialogue

E. Growing Toward Health...Together

by Peter O'Donnell of Innovaction []


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