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The Why and How of Public Opinion Research


I Introduction

II Why Conduct Public Opinion Research?

III How is Public Opinion Data Collected?

IV Other Considerations

-- by Karly Holmes, Associate, The Alder Group Inc. Adapted from "Strategy, Targeting, Results: how to use public opinion research in advocacy campaigns and fundraising," a presentation given by John Willis of Strategic Communications Inc.--a leading Canadian consulting firm that specializes in communications, research and fundraising for non-profits, charities and advocacy organizations, on May 29, 2003, at the downtown Toronto YMCA. Strategic Communications Inc. can be reached at (416) 537-6100 x70 or

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Using Evaluation to Support Changes in Youth Party Environments


I Introduction

II The Issue: Youth Partying and PITRS

III The PITRS Evaluation Design

IV March 2000 Conference Evaluation Results

V March 2001 Evaluation Results

VI Lessons Learned: Evaluation = Innovation

VII Conclusions

VIII References

Written by Joanne Kaashoek, Toronto Public Health, "Party in the Right Spirit" Program Committee.


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