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Two Requests for Applications (RFAs) on Climate Change Policies, Health Policy Research Program, Health Canada

Health Canada's Health Policy Research Program (HPRP) has recently posted on its website two RFAs for research on climate change policies and programs. The deadline for applications is September 7, 2005.

1. RFA 023 - Preparing the Health Sector for the Health Impacts of Climate Change is seeking primary research to inform the development of policies and approaches for adapting to the potential impacts of climate change.

2. RFA 024 - Health Impact of Climate Change Policies and Programs Related to Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation Measures and Technologies is seeking synthesis research to assess the health impacts of climate change policies and programs related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation measures and technologies.

The RFAs are available at

The HPRP is administered by the Research Management and Dissemination

Division, Applied Research and Analysis Directorate, Information, Analysis and Connectivity Branch, Health Canada. The purpose of the Program is to increase the quantity of academic research that is directly relevant to current and future health policy issues.