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Research Contract, Heart Health Indicators Project & Canadian Heart Health Dissemination Project

Affiliation: University of Manitoba and McMaster University

Status/Conditions: Contract for six months

Contract Amount: To be negotiated


The Heart Health Indicators Project (HHIP) purpose is to develop a set of core indicators (measures), instrumentation and mechanisms to track the dissemination of heart-health promotion across nine provincial research projects and to identify and describe heart-health promotion impacts in the provincial dissemination projects within the Canadian Heart Health Initiative (CHHI). The Canadian Heart Health Dissemination Project (CHHDP) and the HHIP are working collaboratively to jointly collect and analyze data from the provincial dissemination projects within the CHHI to meet both projects' objectives. While the focus of CHHDP is on inputs, outputs, processes and relationships between capacity and dissemination, HHIP's research questions contribute to knowledge of impacts on capacity and dissemination as a result of capacity building and dissemination activities. The incumbent will build on the work to date and consolidate capacity and dissemination changes within the respective target organizations reported by two provincial dissemination projects.


Ongoing refinement of data-collection instruments and processes; provide organization and support for quantitative and qualitative data collection for two provincial projects ensuring validity and reliability of processes; maintain, update large database of results (in Nudist) and perform ongoing detailed qualitative analyses/assessments and basic quantitative interpretations; write, contribute and edit project research abstracts, papers and reports as needed; travel to research meetings and conferences as needed; disseminate research results; provide support for research team meetings and communication as needed; facilitate group discussion in working with health professionals/stakeholders/academics/volunteers across Canada; and other related research tasks that may be required

* A minimum of a Master's degree in public or a related community health, social science field with research experience at a local, provincial or national level

* Other combinations of post-secondary training and experience may be considered

* Applied knowledge of health-promotion capacity, capacity building and innovation-dissemination literatures, processes and measurement

* Experience with qualitative and quantitative data analysis and synthesis

* Working knowledge of computer software Nudist, Quantitative software [SPSS], MS Office Suite [PowerPoint, Word and WordPerfect programs], comprehensive Internet searches on health web bases [e.g., Medscape, Medline, Health Canada]

* Excellent demonstrated interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills

Deadline for Appliations: Thursday, June 26, 2003

Submit CV, references and written work sample to

Dexter Harvey P.E.D


Faculty of Education

Education Building, Room 423

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Tel: (204)474-9223

Fax: (204) 474-7550