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RFP: Tobacco Cessation Program Evaluation Specialist

Consulting Period: October 30, 2000 to December 22, 2000

Project Background: Toronto Public Health has been using a variety of smoking cessation models. One program offers a drop-in counselling service, literature and link to a support group at a community health centre. Another program offers a follow-up support group after pharmacist counselling. A third program has two components, a drop-in support group and one-to-one counselling with a PHN and/or a physician. It may include reduced-cost access to nicotine replacement therapy or a prescription for Zyban.

Toronto Public Health wishes to review and develop programs that are congruent with best practices. We wish to conduct a detailed literature review to determine the direction of Toronto Public Health cessation programs that are appropriate to the demographics of Toronto (and the resources available to Toronto Public Health.)

Request for Consulting Services: Toronto Public Health is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct a detailed literature review to provide a well-researched basis for cessation programming.

Tasks & Key Deliverables:

- Conduct a detailed literature review that would identify best practices in smoking cessation programs.

- The review should include, but need not be limited to such aspects of programming as program promotion, attracting specific adult target groups, factors contributing to retention of participants in the program, data collection and outcomes, resources required, suitability for partnership model, sustainability.

- Provide a draft document for review by November 30, 2000.

- Work collaboratively with the project management team with respect to the framework for the report.

- Provide weekly updates to the project management team.

- Identify and describe smoking cessation interventions that work in reducing smoking and document key factors contributing to program effectiveness.