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United Generations of Ontario is a resource network for students and seniors - a coalition of human service organizations and individuals who are dedicated to promoting programs that bring young and old together in a spirit of cooperation, mutual support, and shared affection and regard. They are committed to 'empower people to take a constructive part in the life of their own communities and to create a vital volunteer exchange in caring and sharing" (purpose statement 1993). Since 1993, this organization, headed by Mel Shipman, has worked hard at organizing Intergenerational Week (June 1-7 1998), compiling resources, linking people and programs together, advocating on behalf of seniors and students, and producing newsletters and resource listings regularly - all on minimal funding!

Recent grants by the Trillium Foundation to United Generations Ontario, the Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships and the Halton Social Planning Council have provided a major supportive boost to intergenerational programming in Ontario. The UGO grant, for a period of 1 year, will provide the organization with program development funds to establish, in partnership with local community groups, implementation plans around specific program initiatives either identified by UGO or by the interested local groups. Special outreach groups will be directed to involving the Franco-Ontarian community,

First Nations associations and ethnic minority groups.

In December 1997, The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation provided funding to United Generations Ontario as one of 6 pilots of the new "Community Linkages" program. Over the next 5 years, the Ontario government intends to invest $7.5 million in project to enable volunteer organizations, in partnership with the private sector, to develop community based information technology networks. As a pilot project UGO will be assisted in setting up a web-site.

Resources from UGO include a unique collection of studies, video and resource materials on intergenerational education and programming. A four page catalogue of these resources can be obtained from the UGO office.

[as of January 2000]

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