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The Diabetes Nursing Interest Group [of the RNAO]

Membership in the Diabetes Nursing Interest group is open to all practicing Registered Nurses, non-practicing Registered Nurses and nursing students interested in the area of diabetes education and care. We want to emphasize that one does not have to be a Certified Diabetes Educator to become a member of DNIG. Although Certified Diabetes Educators are more than welcome (and we have many members with this professional designation), our membership is open to all Registered

Nurses because we believe that all nursing involves, at some point, exposure to and care of people with diabetes. We will continue to formulate goals and objectives consistent with the changing face of

health care and diabetes education and care within the wider scope of nursing. In this way the group strives to promote professional growth and adaptation to the change evidenced in the evolving health care system.

A newsletter is produced quarterly to link members and share information about what is happening with the group and to provide information on diabetes education and care.

A list-service has been developed to bring members into community with each other and to discuss issues and concerns in the area of diabetes nursing.

Annual conferences will provide the dual role of education and support through networking.

DNIG exists to promote a forum for the discussion of issues within the diabetes care nursing community, to address nursing issues relevant to diabetes education and care in the areas of practice, education, and research, to encourage participation of diabetes nursing in education and research, and to continue to establish a network for information sharing and collaboration both within the diabetes education and care community and with other health care professionals.

Submitted by

Margaret Myers, RN, BA, BScN, MAEd, CDE; DNIG Chairperson

29-126 Bonaventure Drive,

London, Ontario N5V 4R6

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