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Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition

"Established in 1992, the OHCC's mission is to work with the diverse
communities of Ontario to strengthen their social, environmental and
economic well-being. Our membership represents provincial associations,
local and regional healthy community coalitions and others who support
the principles of healthy communities.

"OHCC supports community groups and coalitions that are working on Healthy Community or related initiatives by providing:

  • Training and consultation [...]
  • Information on resources, tools and other Healthy Community initiatives
  • Referrals to relevant resource materials and organizations
  • Facilitation of community meetings and organizational planning sessions
  • Developing and publishing educational materials and resources in English and French, in print and electronic formats
  • Publishing Healthy Communities, the newsletter of Ontario's Healthy Communities; Publishing the monthly OHCC E-bulletin
  • Maintaining a database and resource inventory" [from the website]