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The Men's Health Network, Washington, D.C.

The Men's Health Network in Washington D.C. was created

* to save men's lives by reducing the premature mortality of men and boys;

* to foster health care education and services that implement positive lifestyle decisions for men of all ages and their families;

* to increase the physical and mental health of men so that they can live fuller and happier lives;

* to significantly reduce the cycles of violence and addiction that afflict so many men;

* to energize government involvement in men's health activities so that existing government health networks can be utilized to increase the health and well-being of men and boys, and;

* to encourage women to expand on their traditional role as the leader of health care for the family and activist for the enhancement of health care services.

For more information check out their website, which includes a "Health Issues Mailing List," information about a toll-free men's "Healthline," and a comprehensive reference library which includes links to information about the Georgia Commission on Men's Health, the New Hampshire Legislative Committee on the Status of Men and the Healthy People 2010: Men's Health Network Analysis.