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ICA Associates - Facilitation Skills Training

ICA Canada, the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs, is a facilitation, training and research organization providing participatory skills to thousands of people across Canada.

Facilitation Skills Training Courses

ICA can teach you how to involve all stakeholders in reaching consensus - a necessary prerequisite to building the support you need for any change. ICA offers a continuum of courses that let you build your

skills - and those of others around you.

For a catalogue of courses, such as Group Facilitation, Facilitated Planning, Team Leadership, Technology of Conciliation, Foundations of Facilitation and Mentoring, contact ICA. Fees range from $395 for two day intensive session to $1345 for a 6 day program.

In October 1999 ICA created ICA Associates Inc. as a separate, related organization. ICA Associates Inc. is a for-profit organization which focuses on facilitation and facilitator training based on the ToP methods.