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Canadian Living Foundation's "Community Partners Program"

What CLF offers: Tools to support communities in building more and better nutrition programs. The program brings together regional, provincial and local representatives from government, business,

volunteer groups, and community agencies who can influence and change policies, determine funding priorities and reallocate existing resources to support self-sustaining child nutrition programs at the

community level.

The Community Partners Program is based on these principles:

* As a community, we have a collective responsibility for our children.

* Nutrition is a fundamental determinant of healthy child development .

* Good nutrition positively affects a child's ability to learn.

* Collaborative networks are more effective in creating self-sustaining programs.

* Communities already have an abundance of knowledge, expertise, and resources.

* Community ownership is maintained through meaningful parent and community involvement.

* Every community is unique and able to work in different ways

The foundation publishes the Community Partners Program Guide as a tool for building successful community partnerships

The Canadian Living Foundation currently supports 25 Community Partnership Program initiatives across Canada.

For more information on the Community Partners Program, please contact

CLF, Breakfast for Learning

25 Sheppard Ave. W. North York M2N 6S7

Tel: 416-218-3540 Fax 416-218-3631