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The Centre for Social Marketing, School of Business, Faculty of Public Policy and Management, Carleton University

"The Centre is active in the areas of social and not-for-profit marketing. Non-profit marketing is conducted by organizations that operate in the public interest to foster a cause, rather than seeking

financial profits. It may involve organizations (religious groups, labour unions, trade associations), people (political candidates), and ideas (stop smoking), as well as products and services.

Social marketing is defined as "the design, implementation, and control of programs seeking to increase the acceptability of a social idea or practice in a target market." Social marketing is usually, but not always, a form of non-profit marketing.

"The Centre draws together the expertise of not-for-profit and public organizations, and social marketing skills and activities in the National Capital Region. Recent and planned activities of the Centre include conducting seminars on social marketing, and supporting research on social and not-for-profit marketing."

-- from their website at

The Centre is also holding a contest for the Best Canadian Social Marketing Paper in three areas, student, academic and practitioner. The deadlines for submissions in March 31, 1998. For more information, please contact the Centre:

Dr. Judith Madill

School of Business, Carleton University

7th Floor Dunton Tower 1125 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

- submitted by Larry Hershfield, Manager, The Health Communication Unit, at the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto,

The Banting Institute, 100 College Street, Room 213,

Toronto, ON M5G 1L5,

Tel: 416-978-0522, Fax: 416-971-2443,