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Inventory Of Evaluated Prevention & Health Promotion Programs - ARF

The following was recently posted on the CLICK4HP list-serv:

TODD IRVINE [TIRVINE@ARF.ORG] Friday, December 19, 1997 4:16 PM

I am a research associate at the Addiction Research Foundation. I am presently compiling an inventory of evaluated prevention and health promotion programs. The goal of the project is to create an easy to use tool that will be distributed to community coalitions in Ontario. By providing coalitions with proven examples and contact information we hope to reduce the time and money these groups spend on creating and implementing their initiatives.

However, after several weeks of intense searching on academic and health promotion databases I have found only a few evaluated programs at the community/coalition level. The majority of evaluated programs I have found are large, heavily funded initiatives in the US. I was wondering if anyone on this listserv knows of any evaluated community level prevention or health promotion programs?

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Todd Irvine

Community Programs and Services Department,

The Addiction Research Foundation

Phone: 416.595.6975

fax: 416.595.6899