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OHPE Topics & Resources

A. The OHPE CONTENTS - Web Sites, Distribution List, Archives

Since summer 1997, the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin has had a web-site, with general information about the OHPE Bulletin and access to the list of Table of Contents of each issue, and to the Archives. The general OHPE web-site can be found at:

The CONTENTS listing of the Bulletin web-site features the table of contents for each 3 part issue, similar to the contents that are usually included in the first message of an issue. While these Contents listings are NOT linked directly to the articles, items or separate messages - they do provide a means of searching for specific topics, checking the date and subject, and then reviewing the message in the Archives. The Contents listing have become so long, that in order to make downloading easier - they are divided into two separate sites:

The 1997 OHPE Bulletins #1 to #35

The 1998 OHPE Bulletins #35 to #62

It is hoped that, by September, there will be direct links between specific features (as in the list below) listed in the Contents, and separate web-pages for those topics and/or resources.


In response to a request in November '97 for "less information" in the OHPE Bulletin, or at least much shorter messages, we created a new distribution list for people interested in receiving only the Contents listing of each week's Bulletin. Usually distributed on the Monday following the OHPE Bulletin, each member of OHPE-Contents receives just the Contents listing for the three messages, as well as instructions for accessing the Archives. Occasionally, the Contents listing have been sent out on a bi-weekly basis, so that two issues are described in two separate messages. There have been 30 editions of the OHPE-Contents, and the distribution list is small - at about 40 people,

compared to the 480 people who now subscribe to the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin.

Ideally, these Contents listings would have direct HTML links to the articles or items - similar to a number of email bulletins and magazines now available through the Internet. Unfortunately, we lack the financial and people resources to convert all the OHPE Bulletins to HTML and post them to the Internet in a different format. As well, we are aware that many OHPE readers are not able to readily access the Internet, but can use email to request a specific article or item for the editors, and many people are able to use news-reader software to access the Archives. If you are interested in receiving the OHPE Contents - contact Alison Stirling


The Archives of the OHPE Bulletins can be viewed on the Internet in two ways:

1. Through the Microsoft Exchange Public Folders. OPC uses Microsoft Outlook and Exchange for email, distribution lists like OHPE and for accessing email systems. To access this version of the messages, which preserves all the formatting and links to Internet sites, go to:

These folders can be seen through a JAVA enabled browser, that is Navigator 2.2 or better or Internet Explorer 3.0 or better. The page that appears, presents the opportunity to 'Click here to browse Public Folders.' The public access, anonymous link will take the browser to a list of public folders, including OHPE - click on it. You will get about 20 to 30 messages on a screen. To move to earlier issues, click on the upper right arrow button.

OHPE can also be viewed through a regular newsreader. No java frame is required. This type of software has the ability to get newsgroups and to subscribe to them. The folders appear under the hierarchy community-news. Another quick way to access them through the newsreaders built into the recent versions of Navigator and Explorer is to type the following URLs into the location area of the browser.

Note that the long name of the bulletin results in the last character n dropping off. Copy the URLs exactly.

B. Ontario Health Promotion & Public Health Organizations on the Internet

When the Ontario Health Promotion Bulletin started in May 1997, one of its purposes was to provide an electronic format for community health promotion organizations in the province of Ontario, to share their news and their resources with people in the province. Many public health agencies, district health councils and community organizations were developing web-sites for public information and access to their resources - and they were anxious that their constituencies and others know about these resources. Within a few short months, a long list of "bookmarks" and brief descriptions of Internet accessible resources and organizations web-sites began to be described and stored in OHPE Bulletins. Then came the request for a 'map' of websites for community-based health promotion and health information organizations in the province. This 'mapping' process was part of the original intent of the Ontario Community HP Mapping Project, a collaborative effort between Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse and the Centre for Health Promotion. While the map itself eludes us (although it is possible - see the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition's test web-site for regional/local stories), there has been a very basic beginning to the Ontario Health Promotion Organizations on the Internet


See Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centres at

This site is about 18 pages when transferred to a word processing program. There are quick jumps to a number of sections. Each entry is annotated with the URL next to the linked name, so that the pages can be printed out for use: The sections and sub-sections include:

Health Promotion sites with the following sub-titles:

General (including Centre for HP, OPC, Ministry of Health, OPHA, AOHC);

Heart Health;


Substance Abuse;

Other (consumer, mental, child)

Public Health Units; and Public Health Web-Sites Under Development or not updated since 1997

Health Intelligence Partnerships; Regional Planning Agencies;

District Health Councils;

Health Services Research Units

Articles/Reports/Documents - a brief annotated list of some Ontario originated health promotion documents. Many more exist on the web-sites of the organizations listed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


From OHPE #52.3

From the first issue where we looked at reports on Integrated Health Services Delivery Systems, there has been attempts to link brief descriptions of resources (print, organizations and web-sites) to issues, to contacts and web-sites for further information. The diversity of topics covered (sometimes 2 or 3 times) reflects the ages/stages, settings and strategies of health promotion using a 'determinants of health' approach. There have been features and resources on a wide variety of topics. The following is a listing by topic, with the number that it appears in and the date. Where appropriate the specific topic is indicated.

Ages & Gender:

Children - #4.1 May23/97; #13.1&2 Jul25/97; #15.2 Aug8/97;

#21.1 Sep19/97 & 24.1 [Breakfast Prog] Oct 10/97;

#33.2 [Parent Ed resources] Dec 12/97

#36.1 Jan9/98 & #46.2 Mar20/98 [Indicators]; #45.1 [Networks] #45.2 [Poverty] Mar13/98

Youth #7.1 Jun13/97 [TeenNet]; #40.2 Feb6/98 [Street Youth];

#49.1&2 Ap10/98 & #61.1&2 Jul3/98 [Youth HP]

Women - #15.1 Aug8/97; #34.1&2 Dec 19/97

Seniors - #6.1 Jun6/97; #16.1 Aug15/97; #39.2 Jan30/98;

#40.1 Feb6/98


North - #41.1 Feb13/98; #42.1 [Heart Health] Feb20/98

East - #19.1 Sep5/97; #35.0 Jan5/98; #45.1 Mar13/98

in French - #2.1 May9/98; #18.1 Aug29/97; #19.1 Sep5/97


Mental - #28.1&2 Nov7/97

Heart - #7.2 Jun13/97; #42.1 Feb20/98; #59.1&2 Jun21/98

Environmental - #21.1 Sep19; #24.1 Oct24/97; #57.1&2 Jun5/98; #15.1 Aug8/97 [women];

School health - #27.1&2 Oct 31/97; #41.2 Feb13/98

Harm reduction, Risk Communications #31.1 &2 Nov. 28/97

Quality of Life - #8.1 Jun20/97; #14.2 Aug1/97; #22.1 Sep26/97;

#25.2 Oct17/97 #36.2 Jan12/98; #47.2 Mar7/98;

#57.1&2 Jun8/98

Indicators - #8.1 June20/97; #25.2 Oct17/97; #36.1&2 Jan12/98;

#46.2 Mar20/98 #57.2 Jun5/98

Evaluation - #12.1&2 [feature & resources] Jul18/97;

#5.1 May30/97 [CQI]; #36.2 Jan9/98;

#42.2 Feb20/98; #43.2 Feb28/98;

#56.1 May29/98 [Evaluating HP] #57.2 Jun5/98;

#55.1 May22/98 [Best Practices]

Substance Abuse #36.2 Jan9/98; Tobacco, #22.2 Sept26/97;

Alcohol #48.2 Apr3/98; #49.1; Apr10/98 #52.1 May1/98; #53.2 May8/98;


Food security, child feeding programs; #21.1 Sep19/97 &

#24.1 Oct10/97; #55.2 May22/98

Designing Nutrition Campaigns; #38.1&2 Jan23/98

Policy development/change #48.1&2 Apr3/98

Clear Language, #43.1 Feb28/98; Media Literacy #37.2 Jan16/98

Writing Abstracts and Journal Articles #33 Dec12/97

Health Promotion

Theory, Glossary #39.1 Jan30/98; #40.2 Feb6/98; #53.1&2 May9/98 [Intervention Mapping]

Training; #19.1&2 Sep5/97; #54.0 May15/98

Global & Local #14.1&2 Aug1/97; #47.1 Mar27/98;

Changes in HP in ON #32.1 Dec5/97; #52.1 May1/98

Social Marketing #26.1&2 Oct24/97

Consumer Health Information - #46.1 Mar20/98; #11.1 Jul11/97;

#54.1&2 May15/98

Health System Reform #1.1 May2/97; #13.1 Jul25/97; #20.1 Sep12/97

#35.1 Jan5/98; #39.1 Jan30/98;

Organizational Change #20.1 Sept12/97; #51.1 Ap24/98 #52.1&2 May1/98

Plus much more.

Take a look at the OHPE Contents sites at 1997 Contents

and 1998 Contents #35 - (always being revised!)