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Prairie Region HP Summer School Resource Book/Binder

This Resource Binder is a collection of session descriptions, suggested readings, session handouts and program notes for Summer School '98. It is a massive collection of some of the best readings, references, questions, worksheets and materials on information for planning health promotion programs and evaluating programs, that I [Alison Stirling] have seen gathered into one place. But the catch is - if you were not there, much of the material is not useful - it is designed as a practical workbook for participants in a very active school.

The 70 page "Landrea Health District" profile, a fictitious data set created for use throughout the Summer School, offers an example and comprehensive look at a community profile in: demographics, health status, social and economic environment, health behaviours, social support systems and health care system utilization. Further in the binder there is an introduction to the Saskatchewan Health Community Profile System, that intends to provide an integrated and accessible source of information. Participants had an opportunity to use data from "Landrea" in a community profile lab using Version 2.1 of the automated system, and in another lab using Epi Info. Useful tools - if you were there!

Each plenary and concurrent session is described with rationale, objectives and items included as readings, or for further reference. Another example reference

Hurley, J, Birch S., Eyles J "Geographically-Decentralized Planning and Management in Health Care: Some Informational Issues and the Implications for Efficiency". Social Science and Medicine 1995: 41

(1) 3-11.

Or another reference contained in the binder: Roos, NP, Black C, Frohlich N, DeCoster C. et al "Population Health and Health Care Use: An information system for policy makers". The Millbank Quarterly, 1996: 74(1) 3-31.

An extensive review of Community Development and evaluation is included at the end, prepared by Michael Clague of SPARC-BC. In itself, a document worth reviewing!

For more information contact:

Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre,

University of Saskatchewan, Health Sciences Building,

107 Wiggins Road, SASKATOON, SK S7N 5E5

Phone: (306) 966-7939; Fax: (306) 966-7920

Reviewed by Alison Stirling [from Irv Rootman's copy of the resource]