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Ontario Health Promotion Summer School 1998 - One Module's bibliography

Making The Case for Health Promotion was one of the modules/streams in the 1998 HP Summer School. Participants of the workshop received a package of information which consisted of copies of overheads, useful health promotion resources and web-sites and a framework for how to make the case for health promotion.

Each participant had the opportunity to order the contents of the resource package for the 8 working groups. Within the module each participant took part in a work group, that worked on 'making the

case' for specific topic area, and use the resources provided. The working group resource package consisted of: an extensive bibliography, health promotion key documents/papers, WHO Health Promotion Glossary and Accessing the Internet Information (copy of "Getting Connected: Using Computers for Health Promotion").

The "Making The Case for Health Promotion Bibliography" has three parts:

General Health Promotion Bibliography - a 21 page extensive list of books, journals and resources, addressing an array of health promotion strategies, theories and concepts.

Specific Topics Bibliography - these resources were used in the Working Groups and include:

Nutrition; Physical Activity; Mental Health Promotion; Tobacco; Cancer; Substance Abuse; HIV/AIDS; Children's Health; Injury Prevention; Heart; School Health; Community Health Centres

Resources on Cost-Effectiveness of Health Promotion - provided by the Working Group on Cost-Effectiveness. These 5 pages of resources include articles from a wide number of journals,some books and a few reports.

For example - Cohen D. "Health promotion and cost-effectiveness" HEALTH PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL 1994; 9(4) 281-7.

Altman DG. A framework for evaluation of community-based heart disease prevention programmes. Social Science and Medicine 1986 22 479-87

Sellers DE, Crawford SL, Bullock K, McKinlay JB "Understandign the variability in the effectiveness of community heart health programs: A meta analysis. Social Science and Medicine 1997; 44(9) 1325-39.

For further information about the Bibliography, contact:

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