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The New Pioneers

Simon & Schuster. 1999. ISBN: 0684846365

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If you learn from great stories and care about improving human organizations of all types you will find The New Pioneers by Tom Petzinger a remarkable treasure chest. From the intellectual curiosity, probing eye, and extensive travels of this noted Wall Street Journal columnist comes an exploration of such fundamental issues as how enlightened companies bring out the best in human nature, behaviors driving creative and adaptable organizations, and basic motivating forces in human institutions. The exploration does stop here however as Petzinger delves into recent, far-reaching scientific discoveries about living systems, thus providing us with a deeper, more encompassing framework for understanding human systems.

Combined, the vivid stories woven throughout the book and the related scientific advancements, many of which are embodied in the newly emerging field of complexity, provide the reader with many paths and many concepts to use in creating healthier, more natural and sustainable organizations.