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New Resource On Leadership

"Leadership in Changing Times" factsheet from OPC This 6 page resource focuses on the concept of SHARED LEADERSHIP since this approach has always been important for the work of health promotion and community development. This resource begins to look at leadership in a new way,

identifying a changing image of leadership as existing in relationships rather than residing in one person. In brief, succinct sections, this resource explores what is meant by leadership, changing

times and images, how to move towards shared leadership and the functions of it; ending with a comprehensive annotated list of resources.

Leadership in Changing Times can be ordered from:

Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

415 Yonge St. Suite 1200 Toronto ON M5B 2E7

Tel. (416) 408-2121 x413 or 1-800-263-2846

Fax (416) 408-2122