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Community Building: What Makes It Work: A Review of Factors Influencing Successful Community Building

How does a community increase its ability to work together, to problem-solve, to make group decisions? Here's what the research says are the most important factors in building community This book reveals twenty-eight research-proven factors influencing the success of community building initiatives. It is the result of over a thousand hours examining more than 525 studies on community building. It synthesizes the findings of community building studies into an easy-to-use reference. The 28 factors in this report are grouped by: 1) characteristics of the community, 2) characteristics of the community building process, and 3) characteristics of community building organizers. Detailed descriptions and case examples of how each factor plays out are followed by practical questions you can use to assess your work.

The book also contains a glossary of community building terms, a list of resources and technical support for community builders, and an extensive bibliography listing over 75 studies cited in the book.

No. 2029 $20.00 each

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