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Collaboration: What Makes It Work

An exhaustive search of the literature on collaboration uncovered 19 factors that make a collaboration succeed. Use this report to prepare and plan for collaboration in your community, identify strengths and weaknesses in your collaboration, and envision new ways to accomplish your mission. Includes a working definition of collaboration, summaries of the major research findings, detailed descriptions of each success factor and an extensive bibliography. More than 12,000 copies sold. 53 pages, softcover, 1992, ISBN 0-940-06902-4, $14 U.S.

Major findings are summarized, critical conclusions drawn, and nineteen key factors influencing successful collaborations are identified. This helpful resource also provides:

- A working definition of collaboration

- Details of the nineteen factors influencing successful collaborations

- Implications of each factor's practical importance

- Illustrations from case studies showing how each factor plays out

- Practical suggestions for using this research

- Complete bibliography and list of collaboration experts