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Community Health Helpers' Resource Guide

The Waterloo Region Community Health Department announces the release of a new publication, the Community Health Helpers' Resource Guide, a publication of one of its community partners. See this description online at

The Community Health Helpers' Program is part of the Multicultural Health Promotion Project for Waterloo Region. The goals of the project are:

- to promote health among members of ethnocultural communities, and

- to reduce the barriers encountered by members of these communities when accessing health and social services in the Province.

The manual is the culmination of more than two years of intense work with health professionals and community activists from the multicultural community.

The Community Health Helpers' Resource Guide is a comprehensive manual which outlines how the program is delivered. This program has been used successfully by the Multicultural Health Promotion Project. A copy of the Table of Contents is available online at to highlight the topics and issues included in the manual.

The manual is available to individuals and agencies upon request. We are asking for a cost-recovery fee of $5.00. The fee may be waived for agencies or individuals where cost may be an issue.

To order, please contact:

Peggy Nickels

Co-ordinator Multicultural Health Promotion Project

K-W Multicultural Centre

25 Frederick St. Kitchener, ON N2H 6M8

Tel. (519) 883-2110, ext. 5339.