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"Investing in Health: The Shaping of Public Policy" Halifax July 6 - 9 1997.

1. "Increasing Capacity for Health: Measuring Improvements in a Community Development Process; and a Community Development Approach to Public Health Intervention."

Juanita Hogg-Devine, Program Manager, Scarborough Health Department, 55 Town Centre Court, Suite 500, Scarborough, M1P 4X4 Tel: (416) 346-7471

A very interesting presentation on a CD project working with volunteers in churches and other community settings using a community mapping process. One of the insights for the mapping process is that community members believe that sharing in cultural activities increases awareness and develops an appreciation of the many gifts and skills that people of other cultures have. The public health participants identified a set of assumptions that guided their community development [CD] practice and recognized that CD initiatives do not fit traditional evaluation approaches. They used an empowerment evaluation approach where self-determination forms the basis for community members to be an integral part of the evaluation process.

2. "Building Creative Partnerships: the example of the Southeast Toronto Project

Lorraine Purdon, Coordinator, The Southeast Toronto Project (SETO), 277 Victoria St. 5th floor, Toronto M5B 1W1 Tel: (416) 360-7079

This project involving 8 partners ranging from hospitals, community health centres, through a settlement house, university and public health; has a five year history of working together on inner city

social-health issues, shred values and commonly agreed upon principles. Despite changes in government, legislation, restructuring of health services and institutions, the partnership continues to stay together to address the root causes of ill health and to strengthen individual and community assets through a variety of projects. One of the key models that SETO has used is an "Alignment model' for strategic planning. Some of the projects the partnership has developed include: a

comprehensive Respiratory Health Strategy, a Quick Response project and a Harm Reduction Work Group.