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Quality Of Life Index Workshop July 2, 1997 Toronto

A Project Working Group was established early in 1996 to design the Quality of Life Index and field test the indicators to be used. By June, 1996, the preliminary results of the test suggested that the

QLI should be compiled from provincial sources of data for the selected indicators. A proposal to complete the testing of indicators, conduct a literature review, compile provincial statistics, calculate the Quality of Life for Ontario, and write a report for public distribution was funded in January, 1997. This workshop was organized to review the work done to date, provide feedback on draft documents, address issues arising from the work, and make decisions about the conceptual framework, definitions, methodology and communications strategy for the QLI report.

Participants came from the following communities:

- Cambridge

- Guelph/Wellington

- Halton

- Hamilton-Wentworth

- Kingston

- London

- Metro Toronto

- North Bay

- Northumberland

- Peel

- Peterborough

- Quinte

- Sudbury

- Thunder Bay

- Woolwich

- York (City of)

For a copy of the comprehensive notes on the workshop, including: Literature Review, Lessons Learned; Methodology; Rating of Indicators; Collection of Data; Overall Issues; Community Participation; a Communication Plan; How to Use the QLI and Future Plans - contact:

Malcolm Shookner, executive director OSDC

Suite 1001, 2 Carlton St.

Toronto ON M5B 1J3

Tel: (416) 345-8561 Fax: (416) 345-8904