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Review of Nutrition Interventions for Cancer Prevention Full Report

 "In December of 1999 the Prevention Unit within the Division of Preventive Oncology at Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) put out a request for proposals for a review of the literature on nutrition interventions and the primary prevention of cancer. The purpose of this review is to recommend best practices to support planning for food and nutrition interventions in the areas of programming, policy and media. The objectives of this review are to identify effective and promising nutrition interventions; to compile a compendium of interventions reviewed; and to make recommendations to inform future nutrition programming in Ontario. The review is not intended to be exhaustive but rather it presents pertinent information on a cross-section of programs meeting pre-determined criteria. Toward this end, this review aims to identify the elements across interventions, and whether there exist differences in outcome by socioeconomic status or age of the priority population, location of the intervention, intensity of the intervention, theoretical basis of the intervention or level of training, education or professional status of the intervenor." [from the document, "Background," p1]

[PDF file, 190pp, 412kb]

The executive summary is also available at the same website.