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Health Canada Publications on Stress in the Workplace

* Best advice on stress risk management in the workplace

Developed by Dr. Martin Shain in close consultation with Health Canada, AON Consulting Inc. and CHC Working Well FOR Health Canada (2000).

This document focuses on workplace stress at an organizational level, identifying sources, discussing how to cost the impact of stress, and outlining strategies for mitigating its impact. Includes bibliography and reproducible overheads.

Available online in 2 parts at and

* An examination of the implications and costs of work-life conflict in Canada


by Duxbury, Linda, Higgins, Chris, Johnson, Karen L. Published by Health Canada in June 1999.

The authors examine the costs of work-life stress in terms of the individual, the corporation and the Federal health care system. They explore the extent of the problem, identify affected populations, and discuss implications for organizational and governmental policies. From survey data, they report significant levels of work-life conflict, depression, stress and burnout as well as increases in absenteeism and visits to physicians. Greater work-life conflict was evident for women, caregivers (regardless of gender), and managers and professionals. Decreases in job satisfaction were observed. Authors conclude that "Canadian organizations have not yet provided employees with the types of support they need to balance work and non-work obligations and roles", "work-life challenges are mounting for men", and "Canadian individuals, organizations and society itself is paying a high cost for not addressing the issue of work-life balance."