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Other OHPEs of Interest

* Bulletin #219.1 -- Aug 03, 2001 BOY - It's not easy being one...

Raising children in today's world is a delightful mixture of cheers and challenges. As parents, we need to be provided with the tools to help our children make healthy choices - choices that will help them to be safe, secure and self-confident. Young boys have their own set of challenges and require specific tools to help them navigate their way through childhood.

* Bulletin #121 -- Sep 03, 1999 Children Visiting Prisons Program

The need for Children Visiting Prisons (CVP) evolved from the understanding that quality parenting greatly to the healthy development of children (Kyle and Kellerman,1998). When child/parent interaction is limited due to the incarceration of a parent, there are many concerns: Inmates have few opportunities to develop their parenting skills, once a parent is incarcerated, children often experience anxiety, and this stress is increased by dismal surroundings and pressure to make the visit a success.

* Bulletin #83 -- Dec 04, 1998 Wellbeing of Men in Families

Even though not all men marry or have children, all men are part of a family. How they participate in family life has an impact on those around them; one could say there is some effect on the man's and the family's wellbeing. Research demonstrates that married or cohabitating men are healthier than single men, and people who have at least one person in which they confide are healthier than those who do not. Despite the importance of intimacy to human wellbeing, men do not have the same degree of socialization towards caring and relationship-maintenance behaviours. This has an effect on men's full participation in the human world from a macro and micro perspective.

* Bulletin #36 -- Jan 09, 1998 Indicators Of Children's Well-Being

Discusses The Well Street Index, Young Children of Scarborough - Baseline Measures, Children Now Report Card Guide, and Ontario School Trustee "Report Cards."