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Technology-related Resources from CharityVillage

Visit Charity Village's Research section for articles on technology issues including

* When your technology provider bites the dust

* Online fundraising - does it work?

* Working with virtual teams and telecommuters

* Managing technology projects

* Protecting your agency's information: security and backup

* Online collaboration and the death rate of dot-coms

* Technology Budgeting Basics

Articles on Online Fundraising and Community Building at include

* Time to redesign your web site?

* Online fundraising - does it work?

* Discussion forums: creating community on your site

* Creating a web-based office for a voluntary organization (PDF format)

* Technology Budgeting Basics

* Technology and the net: are you breaking the law?

* The information highway is a bunch of hooey

There is also a selection of articles on Distance Learning at

* E-what? The e-tutoring experience

* Ten tips for getting the most from Internet- and e-mail-based distance learning

* Training via e-mail and Internet: Lessons learned since

* An experiment in distance learning