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Tobacco and Schools: A Virtual File

Resources and Information on the Internet for Students, Teachers, Public Health Nurses and Principals

A collection of documents can be found on the Internet from, prepared by Shannon & McCall Consulting Ltd. for the Canadian Association for School Health. This resource was

prepared with support from the Tobacco Reduction Program, Health Canada.

There is also a comprehensive list of websites. The topics covered include:

A. For Students, Teachers, Nurses and Principals, e.g., Current Smoking Rates among Youth, Understanding Why People Start and Continue to Smoke, and The Role of the Tobacco Industry/ Legislation/ Price /

Tobacco Control.

B. For Students, e.g., Interactive and Interesting Sites to Learn About Tobacco, and Taking Action to Reduce Tobacco Use.

C. For Teachers, Nurses and Principals, e.g., What Students Need to Know, Believe about Tobacco Use, Ways to help School Staff with their Tobacco Use and Health, and Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Tobacco Reduction.

If you are interested in this list of websites, please contact Doug McCall

Obtained from: list_manager [] The School_Health Digest for 19 Sep 1997 "Virtual File" on Tobacco and Schools by