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Population Health And The Determinants Of Health

"Welcome to the first world wide website on population health and determinants of health. The question: what makes people healthy or not? The answer: probably not what you think. We will be talking about population health. This simply means that we are considering the health status of an entire population, rather than looking at the health of individuals. Individual health is important, of course, but the population health approach is about the factors that influence the health status of large groups of people. These factors are called the determinants of health. This is a new way of thinking about human health."

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This web site takes Fraser Mustard's work, and that of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and popularizes it somewhat. There is an easy to follow site map, or the reader can follow the path outlined in the site, which has graphics, photos, diagrams and reference listings. What it does not have though, are any links to any other web-site or organization engaged in activities related to the

determinants of health. Significantly, there is no mention of health promotion or community health strategies. Nonetheless, the web site does offer a useful introduction to the issue - especially for students or for boards of organizations that are involved in population health and determinants of health concerns.

Comment by Alison Stirling

This site was authored by Beverley Bourget, Social Planning Council Sudbury Region.e-mail