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Homewood Health Care Centre

Stephanie Wilken would like to share a web site on mental health promotion.

Homewood Health Care Centre

This site discusses the services at the Homewood Health Care Centre in Guelph, Ontario. Services centred on behavioural, addiction and psychiatric illness ranging from health promotion and prevention

to relapse prevention..

[from the site:]

The Homewood Health group of companies includes:

Homewood Health Centre - a 312-bed in-patient assessment and treatment for individuals with mental illness or addiction.

Homewood Behavioural Health Corporation - out-patient behavioural health care services including Employee Assistance Programs, smoking cessation, programs for problem drinking, and telephone-based counselling for a range of conditions and problems.

To contact Homewood Behavioural Health e-mail

Homewood Health offers a broad range of services, including:

- specialized in-patient treatment programs;

- specialized out-patient treatment programs;

- independent assessments;

- psychiatric, psychological, and personal counselling;

- face-to-face and telephone-based behaviour management programs;

- customized behavioural programs.

For information about Homewood Health, please call 519-824-1010, fax 519-824-1827, or write to 150 Delhi St., Guelph, Ontario,

Canada, N1E 6K9.

Submitted by

Stephanie Wilken, BA

Wellness & Lifestyle Educator

Guelph, Ontario